Want to Learn React? Learn Haskell

Take any tutorial out there. Spend a day learning, playing with Haskell. Or Clojure. Or OCaml. Or even F#. Any language that puts pure functional constructs as first class citizens, really. If you never programmed with such a functional language before, this will change your vision of programming. Not kidding. Try it now.

Understand it deeply. Learn about things like tail call elimination, function purity and immutability. Think about the benefits and drawbacks of the functional approach. Is it robust? Is it performant? Are your functions reasonable – easy to reason about? How does it compare to the object-oriented programming?

When you come back to Javascript, you’ll find yourself missing the expressivity, the composability of a functional language.

What makes Javascript’s React beautiful is precisely that it makes components reasonable. Because they are autonomous entities that do not depend on global state, you are in full control of their behavior. Coupled with immutable-js, you’re ready to make interfaces robust, and components truly reusable.

But only if you play by the rules: think functional.

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