Getting Started with a Blog Again

I got some time to upgrade my blog’s tech (it was using something called “6to5”, the ancestor of Babel; good old times!), and I’ll be looking to try to post somewhat regularly in here; if only once every few months.

As it happens, I’ve been working on infrastructure projects lately, and that means I’ve been collecting quite a few tech’ insights that I’m eager to share. A large part of that comes from my job at Facebook, that led me to work on React Native’s packager. The ‘packager’ is what compiles and bundles JavaScript together for React Native. It is all made with JavaScript itself, for better or worse. More on that later.

Besides, I’ve been playing on some C++ and OpenGL project, and while shaving the yak I built a little build sytem, called upd (for “update”). It’s similar to make but with some extra convenience. I might publish properly it if I get the time to make it nice. That was anyway a great learning experience for me, and a good way to ramp up on C++ 14—last time I touched C++, version 11 was still being worked on. I hope to document that experience, and make it a great codebase to learn from.


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